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About Us

The Farm Society is a trademark and brand child of Plant Tech AS. We are an agritech company born and bred in Trondheim.

Founded in 2018, we explore and develop solutions for urban agriculture and indoor vertical farming. On two locations in the city of Trondheim we produce greens and veggies that are harvested at peak time and delivered daily.

We produce leafy vegetables and greens like edible flowers, a wide range of microgreens and herbs. Next in line is gourmet mushrooms. Our customers can even order whatever they dream of, and have it on the table a few weeks later. Whatever can be grown indoor, we’ll try to make it happen.

Eva Kathrine Næss

Eva Kathrine Næss

Ole_Ekker_Plant_tech_2022_Lars Gravvold_500px.jpg

Lars Gravvold

Sales rep. & Gardener

+47 951 39 185

Davor Poljcic

Davor Poljcic

CTO & Founder

+47 461 20 316

Cathrine Vik-Pedersen

Cathrine Vik-Pedersen


+47 920 27 100

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