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Fresh Herbs & Greens

The Farm Society™ is a brand child of Plant Tech AS, born and bred in Trondheim. We deliver freshly harvested greens, herbs and gourmet mushrooms to restaurants, hotels, cantines and catering. 

The Farm Society

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The Farm Society™ explores and develop solutions for urban agriculture and Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA).


We are operating two vertical farms in Trondheim, using soil-less systems indoor and artificial light. We produce leafy vegetables, greens, herbs and mushrooms that are harvested at peak and delivered emission free by e-car.

Our produce comes pre-cut or in trays and pots that we collect and reuse to minimize waste.



Our new vegetable factory is located at Jarleveien 12 at Øvre Nyhavna. Our mission is to contribute to reducing the environmental impacts of food production and solve a huge problem in today's society; the need for long distance transportation and import. 


Alongside all the hardworking traditional farmers in the region we are contributing to making Trondheim more self-sufficient.

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Leafy Vegetables & Greens